Research staff

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  • Raouf Abozariba

    Senior Lecturer

    Raouf’s primary research areas are wireless communications and networking, with a particular focus on developing robust wireless network monitoring and evaluation tools that exhibit high level of analytics automation and adaptability to network complexities. This includes the exploration of new techniques to measure the quality...

  • Dr Adel Aneiba

    Head of Computing

    Dr Adel Aneiba was born on 9 December 1974, in Benghazi, Libya. He finished all of his study stages from primary to high school in Benghazi. In 1997, he obtained a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Benghazi. In 2000, he moved to the UK to pursue his postgraduate studies and obtained an MSc in e-commerce at...

  • Professor Junaid Arshad

    Deputy Head of Computing

    Dr. Junaid Arshad has 14 years of research experience and expertise in investigating and addressing cybersecurity challenges for diverse computing paradigms such as Grid computing, Cloud computing, IoT, and blockchain. He is actively engaged in cutting-edge R&D distributed ledger technologies including blockchains, Tangle and...

  • Dr Roger Tait

    Senior Lecturer in Distributed Computing

    Dr Roger Tait is an experienced software engineer with more than 15 years of service in academic research environments. He completed his PhD, in the field of Parallel Architectures, in 2007 at Nottingham Trent University. After graduating he joined the Centre of Innovation and Technology Exploitation at Nottingham Trent...

4 items found, viewing items 1 to 4.