Research and enterprise advisors

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  • Professor Andrew Aftelak

    Deputy Dean

    Professor Andy Aftelak is a Deputy Dean at Birmingham City University. He is an experienced engineer and senior executive with 26 years of service in industrial research and advanced product technology. He combines his complementary practice based skills with the educational excellence of the school to bring a unique blend of...

  • Professor Mark Josephs

    Professor of Computer Science/Centre Lead

    Professor Josephs has a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics from University College London and MSc and DPhil degrees in Computer Science from the University of Oxford. After spending a year as a Visiting Scientist at IBM Yorktown Heights in 1987, he returned to Oxford where he was appointed a member of the Faculty of...

  • Mak Sharma

    Professor in Computer Science Education. Centre Lead, Cloud Computing.

    Mak has an international reputation for his extensive work on the use of Vendor Resources and embedding these into various qualifications. He has worked to engage with 10 of the largest IT companies including Cisco, Microsoft, SAS and Oracle to provide a rich set of problem-based learning throughout computing, communications...

3 items found, viewing items 1 to 3.