Student published in academic journal


An undergraduate, Computer Science student has had his final year project published in an international academic journal.

The academic Journal ‘Big Data and Cognitive Computing’ (BDCC) has published Mahmut Taha Yazici’s final year project. The publication is a scientific journal that aims to blend together big-data theories with emerging technologies on smart clouds and exploring supercomputers with new applications. Mahmut’s project, ‘Edge Machine Learning: Enabling Smart Internet of Things Applications', investigates if machine learning, which is traditionally performed on servers and high-performance machines, can be facilitated on mobile devices.

Mahmut’s work has significant potential within in the field of Computing and his paper explores the feasibility of running machine learning algorithms on an embedded version of the Android operating system designed for Internet of Things (IoT) device development. Faculty academic and Mahmut’s Final Year project supervisor, Dr Shadi Basurra said:


Due to the quality of the work and number of views the paper has received, the BDCC has decided to publish the paper as part of the Special Issue ‘Big Data and Cognitive Computing: Feature Papers’, plus it will appear on the cover of the printed issue. These accolades demonstrate the high standard of Mahmut's research. Another academic who contributed to the paper, Professor Mohamed Gaber, had this to say about the project:

The forward-thinking paper is now available to read here. For further information on the paper please contact, Dr Shadi Basurra and Professor Mohamed Gaber.

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