New monthly Birmingham meet-up for tech innovators

Maker Monday meeting

Researchers and media experts from Birmingham City University are working to create a legacy of innovative art and technology applications through a new monthly skills event.

‘Maker Monday’ is a new open innovation project that hopes to bring together technologists and creative professionals from across Birmingham, with the aim of using technology to solve problems, build collaborations and create artistic projects.

Mark Brill, the driving force behind Maker Monday and senior lecturer in Future Media at Birmingham City University, said: “Maker Monday is a unique programme that is at the forefront of technology and artistic development.

“The event gives everyone the opportunity to work with modern tools that are currently shaping a new technological landscape.”

Maker Monday draws on the rapid growth of cheap computing such as the Raspberry Pi, prototyping tools such as 3D printing and modern projection techniques such as telepresence.

Running from 5.15pm until 8pm on the last Monday of each month at Birmingham Open Media, each event will see an expert presenting their own specialism and sharing techniques through a short workshop. Planned themes for upcoming Maker Monday’s include virtual reality, holographic projection, development with Raspberry Pi and using EEG brain sensors.

Alexa Hartwell, producer of Maker Monday and Business Engagement Manager at Birmingham City University, said: “'Maker Monday is a superb opportunity to put BCU at the forefront of interdisciplinary experimentation to deliver technological progress and creativity. It will act as a focus for our EU funded Cross Innovation initiative and above all the programme will foster a community of fresh thinkers and creative collaborators.”

During the first Maker Monday event last week, attendees brainstormed a number of projects including a speaking keyboard for autistic children and a holographic interactive sculpture.

The next Maker Monday event takes place on Monday 29 June. Book tickets via Eventbrite or visit @Maker_Monday for more information.

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