Sticky note pixel art

Some mysterious artwork has started to appear around the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment’s (CEBE) new Project Space at Millennium Point. At a glance, they can be mistaken for huge colourful decals but look again as they are in fact assortments of sticky notes cleverly arranged to create quirky Computing and Digital Technology-inspired murals. The pieces, whilst low-resolution and basic, are in fact rather intricate in design and have required careful planning and thinking from CEBE students who are making the most of the new project space which has been designed specially for team-working on CEBE projects.

Sticky Note Pixel Art

A variety of pieces have popped up recently, all of which follow a Computing and Digital Technology theme. These include iterations of Tux, the Linux operating system mascot, the Raspberry Pi logo and the Android logo, among others. This really is the art of technology, plus a fun demonstration of technical thinking combined with creativity which is what I love about my course. There are more of these pixel art murals popping up regularly, it makes me wonder what I’ll see next. Although, here’s hoping it doesn’t go overboard like it did in New York. Just like trying to meet the word count on an assignment, let’s focus on quality over quantity.

I’m a fan of the creativity on display, I may try it out myself to brighten up my empty walls at home! That’s after I’ve hunted down some sticky notes – who knew there were so many colours available?

Sticky Note Pixel Art


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