Max Andrews: My postgraduate apprenticeship at the BBC

Max is a postgraduate Broadcast Systems Integration Engineer studying on the BBC Broadcast Engineer Traineeship. His apprenticeship has enabled him to work on big sporting events such as the Rugby Challenge Cup, FA Cup and the Premiere League while studying his masters part-time. We caught up with Max to find out what he loves about his apprenticeship.

Max Andrews, BBC Apprenticeship, Birmingham City University

Why did you choose to study your course?

It’s a great opportunity to further my education and to get a head start into a career in broadcasting. It’s a tough industry to get into so this course opens multiple doors and sets you up for life.

What does your apprenticeship role entail?

I undertake a mixture of master’s university work and BBC placement work. My placement with BBC Sport saw me working on, Rugby Challenge Cup, FA Cup and the Premiere League. Also, my cohort had the opportunity to go to Scotland to assist with the December 2019 Election coverage.

What might a typical day with your employer look like?

I’m currently working on cloud-based production environments for use on events like the FA Cup. I make use of the latest technologies to help teams navigate working from home and remote working. Pre-pandemic, I would be commuting to Media City and working with the Sports team there.

What are the advantages of choosing an apprenticeship pathway?

Not only is everything paid for, but you also get paid a salary. By doing multiple BBC placements with different departments, you’re able to experience more, gain a variety of skills and network with lots of professionals.

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

Working on live productions like the FA Cup. Also, getting to work with teams that use the knowledge you learn from the masters in their day-to-day job.

What advice would you give to a student who are unsure whether an apprenticeship pathway is right for them?

Look at where you would like to be in five years and see if the apprenticeship could help you getting closer to that idea. The apprenticeship pathway often sets the student up for life, it’s the beginning of successful careers for everyone involved.

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