Architectural Technology BSc (Hons)

Give us a brief overview of your project.

I designed and developed a Sustainability Innovation Centre in Selly Oak, Birmingham. Spanning 3000 square meters, it integrates Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), solar panels, a green roof for biodiversity, and heat pumps for energy efficiency. The design includes a functional facade and natural ventilation controlled by an automated system, inspired by natural shapes.

What made you want to develop this idea?

I was driven by a passion for sustainability and a desire to demonstrate how advanced technologies can transform urban environments while minimising environmental impact. I also loved the Selly Oak tree and wanted to design something to represent its beauty.

Why is there a need for what you’re creating?

There is a clear need for sustainable buildings that enhance living and working environments while reducing carbon footprints. The Sustainability Innovation Centre sets a precedent for future developments in urban planning.

Can you explain the equipment you used and how you are creating the physical product?

I used architectural design software like AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp for detailed plans and 3D models. Physical models were also created for better visualisation and communication. Extensive research into sustainable materials and methods ensured compliance with environmental standards.

Where do you envision the future of this project?

Moving forward, I aim to refine the Sustainability Innovation Centre's technical aspects to achieve top sustainability ratings and pursue a BREEAM qualification. This project aims to influence future urban developments positively, promoting sustainable practices globally.

Innovation Stories

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