Smart Hydration Bottle

Team Hydr8

Meet Hydr8: the student team innovating hydration with a Smart Water Bottle. Learn how a group of ambitious students are developing a cutting-edge Smart Water Bottle that is helping people stay hydrated and healthy while on the go.

Give us a brief overview of your project

Hydr8 is a Smart Water Bottle Monitor that aims to manage and monitor the usage of water consumed by the user. Similar to an 'Apple watch' that counts the users' steps, our water monitor will track how much water the user drinks and can compare it to various factors which motivate them to drink the required amount of water.  

Lack of water consumption is a common problem that can result in dehydration and other health issues. Users can better comprehend how much water they are drinking and whether they need to drink more by tracking how much they are intaking. The user can receive reminders from the smart water bottle monitor to drink water regularly or when their intake is lower than usual. Additionally, it can monitor the user's progress toward daily water intake targets that can be established depending on their age, gender, weight, and level of exercise. 

What made you want to develop this idea?

One of the most important aspects of preserving our health and well-being is staying hydrated. Unfortunately, due to the fast-paced, modern manner of life, few people are exercising regular hydration. As a result, our team has developed the idea of an intelligent water monitor. 

Can you explain about the kind of equipment you are using, and how you are creating the physical product?

The initial prototype of a water bottle monitor would be a small sensor gadget that could be attached to the bottle. To communicate with the monitor, the sensor would determine how much water is still in the bottle. The sensor device could be sustainable and environmentally friendly by being fuelled by a rechargeable battery. The device might also be made to be quickly detachable from and attached to various water bottles.

The Arduino Uno is used for the water monitor. The code in the Arduino Uno converts the data from the load cell or ultrasonic distance sensor.  

What challenges have you had to overcome?

The hardware design, power consumption, wireless communication, accuracy, user interface, pricing, data privacy and security must all be carefully considered while developing a smart water bottle monitor. 

Where do you envision the future of this project?

To provide individualised recommendations for hydration levels and water consumption based on a person’s activity level and other characteristics, water bottle sensors could be connected to health-tracking applications or other devices. 

Promoting sustainable behaviour By encouraging people to use reusable water bottles and reminding them to refill them throughout the day, water bottle monitors can help minimise the amount of plastic trash generated.