Seacole Building Level 3 Refurbishment


Revamping BCU's South Campus with a student-focused refurbishment project, integrating cutting-edge design studios and collaborative spaces for Architectural Technology and Building Surveying students.

Brief Overview of the Project

The Seacole Level 3 Refurbishment is a project I am working on as part of my second-year Architectural Technology course. It aims to remodel the third floor of the South Campus at BCU to better serve Architectural Technology and Building Surveying students. The project includes demolishing existing internal walls and floors (except for core areas like fire escapes and toilets) and redesigning the space to include studios, labs, and collaborative areas.

What Made You Want to Develop This Idea?

I chose this project because it allows me to combine my interests in design and technology. Being an AT student myself, I know what improvements are needed to enhance the learning environment. I wanted to create a space that is both functional and inspiring for my peers and me.

Why Is There a Need for What You’re Creating?

The current layout of the third floor does not meet the specific needs of AT and BS students. By redesigning the space to include design studios, labs, and collaboration areas, we can create a more effective and enjoyable learning environment. This project addresses the need for specialised facilities that support the practical and academic requirements of these students.

Can You Explain About the Kind of Equipment You Are Using, and How You Are Creating the Physical Product?

I am using Revit software to plan and visualise the project. Revit's phasing feature helps manage the demolition and new construction stages. Design Options in Revit allow me to experiment with different layouts and arrangements, making the design process more efficient. This software is essential for creating detailed and accurate plans.

Where Do You Envision the Future of This Project?

The goal is to create a functional and inspiring space for AT and BS students. The project will also include a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) and detailed specifications to ensure everything is built to high standards. This refurbishment could serve as a model for future renovations, promoting innovative and student-focused design solutions at the university.

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