Ocean Sight

Mechanical Engineering - BEng (Hons)

Embark on a journey into immersive design with the Ocean Sight project, where bamboo is used to create a 3D experience blending  sustainability and  realism.

Brief Overview of the Project

The Ocean Sight project at BCU is a collaborative effort involving multiple departments. It aims to create an immersive 3D experience for visitors, focusing on sensory and 4D elements to enhance realism. I specifically contribute to the sensory and 4D elements team, utilising bamboo as our primary construction material for the frame.

What Made You Want to Develop This Idea?

My interest in engineering, particularly in creating immersive experiences, drove my involvement in the Ocean Sight project. The opportunity to collaborate with various departments at BCU and apply my skills in a practical setting was highly appealing.

Why Is There a Need for What You’re Creating?

The Ocean Sight project addresses the growing demand for immersive and interactive experiences in public spaces. By providing visitors with a 3D and sensory-rich environment, we aim to create memorable and engaging experiences that stimulate their senses and evoke a closer connection to the natural world.

Can You Explain About the Kind of Equipment You Are Using, and How You Are Creating the Physical Product?

For constructing the frame of the entrance, we are using bamboo as our primary material. Bamboo is chosen for its sustainability, flexibility, and strength, which align with our project's environmental and structural requirements. We are employing traditional and modern woodworking tools and techniques to shape and assemble the bamboo into the desired frame structure. This includes saws, drills, and adhesives suitable for bamboo construction.

Where Do You Envision the Future of This Project?

In the future, I envision the Ocean Sight project expanding beyond its initial entrance concept. It could inspire similar immersive installations in other public spaces, fostering a deeper appreciation for sustainable materials like bamboo in architectural and engineering practices. This project may also lead to collaborations with artists, architects, and environmentalists to further explore innovative ways to integrate sensory-rich experiences with sustainable design principles. Ultimately, Ocean Sight could become a model for creating impactful and sustainable public installations that engage and educate visitors worldwide.

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