Indoor 3D Navigation System

Computer Games Technology - BSc (Hons)

Ali's journey to developing a 3D navigation app has been interesting. He aims to help guide people like him to navigate the university independently. 

Give us a brief overview of your project.

My project is an Indoor 3D Navigation System aimed at helping new staff and students navigate complex buildings independently. It's a mobile phone application developed using the Unity Game Engine, offering detailed indoor navigation directly on their smartphones.

What made you want to develop this idea?

I was motivated to develop this idea after witnessing the challenges newcomers face when trying to navigate large and unfamiliar buildings. I wanted to create a solution that simplifies this process and empowers users to find their destinations confidently.

Why is there a need for what you’re creating?

There's a clear need for the Indoor 3D Navigation System because it addresses the common frustration of navigating complex indoor spaces efficiently. By offering a user-friendly mobile app solution, I aim to improve the experience of finding specific rooms or locations within buildings such as universities or office complexes.

Can you explain about the kind of equipment you are using, and how you are creating the physical product?

I am using the Unity Game Engine to develop the mobile application. This powerful tool allows me to create interactive 3D maps and a smooth user interface for navigating indoors. The application leverages the capabilities of smartphones to provide real-time location tracking and guidance.

Where do you envision the future of this project?

Looking ahead, I see my project expanding its reach to various institutions and facilities globally. I aim to enhance the system with advanced features like augmented reality overlays and seamless integration with building infrastructure for real-time updates. Ultimately, my goal is to revolutionise indoor navigation and make it effortless for users everywhere to find their way with just their smartphones

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