Freya Clare Wetherall Mardon

Design for Performance: Theatre, Film and Live Events with Foundation Year – BA (Hons)

Faced with disappointing outcomes on results day, Freya discovered she could apply for her dream course in Clearing. Freya needed to complete a foundation year as part of her degree course which initially she was anxious to start, but it turned out to be the best thing for her and helped to regain her confidence.

"On results day, I didn’t get the UCAS points that I needed to get a place at university. I spent time on Instagram looking at universities that offered the type of course that I wanted to study, whilst trying to call the Clearing hotline at the universities I had applied to. I spotted BCU on Instagram, immediately got in touch and I got a reply almost instantly. Once I had got in touch, I then discovered that I had enough UCAS points to apply for my dream course with its foundation year included. I was overjoyed to get a place, after a quick conversation on the phone I had received an offer of acceptance. A-Level results day was a rollercoaster but it had a good end!

Clearing gives you a second chance of getting a place at a university, even if your grades aren’t what you had hoped. I was excited by the prospect of still being able to attend my dream university, even though my A-Level results weren’t what I was expecting. Despite being nervous when applying through Clearing, I desperately wanted to study at BCU, so when I heard that I had enough UCAS points, I was relieved and became excited for the future again.

My advice to others who may find themselves going through Clearing this year, would be to stay calm. Going through Clearing doesn’t mean you have failed, which is what I thought in the moment. Going through Clearing and doing my foundation year has been one of the best things that could have happened to me.

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The first person that I spoke to when discussing my Clearing opportunities at BCU was extremely supportive and helped me stay calm through what, in the grand scheme of things, was quite a stressful and worrying time. When I received the call from the foundation course leader, to offer me my place on the foundation course and subsequently Design for Performance, he was also extremely reassuring and turned the stress of getting my A-Level results on its head.

I didn’t expect to study a foundation year before my degree and I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like. Now that I have completed it, I can honestly say that the foundation year set me up and allowed me to regain confidence in myself and my work, which I had lost during my A-Levels.

My main reason for wanting to go to university was to gain knowledge of different design aspects of theatre, film and live events. I also wanted to build my self-confidence, confidence in my work and discover what career path I want to take in the future. Now that I am close to graduating, I am currently looking at jobs across the industry, focusing on film and TV production jobs, as I loved the modules we completed over the course that involved film.

One thing to keep in mind when going through Clearing is to keep a level head and your options open. I never thought I would do a foundation year but honestly, not only was I able to build upon my way of working, I also re-gained my self-confidence and found independence through living away from home for the first time and finding new lifelong friends. Birmingham is an amazing location to study in. I felt completely drawn to the city the second I came for an Open Day. Going to the Open Day made me feel welcome, everyone was really friendly and the facilities blew me away compared to others. BCU was the only university that I could see myself at. It just shows that things may not go the way you expect, however that will often lead to even better results than you’d thought."