End Point Assessment

An End Point Assessment (EPA) is the final part of the apprenticeship Journey. It’s an impartial, final assessment of whether the apprentice can demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the apprenticeship standard.

EPAs are designed by the trailblazer groups and are conducted by independent bodies known as End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs). Where an apprentice is completing an Integrated Degree Apprenticeship or a Fully Integrated Degree Apprenticeship, the Apprentice's higher education institute acts as both the training provider and the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO). The EPA assessor will be independent to the training delivered, ensuring impartial assessment.

BCU-EPAO was established to ensure independent assessment of the Integrated and Fully Integrated Degree Level Apprenticeships offered by BCU.

Why work with us?

Our approach ensures that End Point Assessments meet the requirements for the apprenticeship standard and are fair, valid and reliable, as well as being comparable with other HE qualifications.

BCU-EPAO will help to understand your EPA for your apprenticeship standard. We will provide:

  • EPA’s that are fit for purpose, meeting both the academic standards and the requirements of the relevant sector
  • Advice and support about the format and requirements of the EPA
  • Revision materials for apprentices to use to prepare themselves for the EPA
  • Feedback for individual apprentices on their performance in the EPA
  • A formal review of the EPA highlighting areas of good practice and areas for future development, to enhance performance in the EPA
  • A single point of contact for organisation and administration of the EPA

The End Point Assessment Plan

The End Point Assessment plan describes how the apprentice will pass through their EPA. For integrated degree apprenticeships your apprentice will need to be assessed against specified KSBs and may need to complete, for example:

  • A practical assessment
  • An interview
  • A project
  • A written exam
  • A multiple choice test
  • A presentation

For fully integrated degree apprenticeships the EPA is the exam board, so there will be no further assessment required at this point.

Quality Assurance

The Apprenticeship Designated Quality Body has oversight of the Quality Assurance of End Point Assessment Organisations which offer integrated higher and degree apprenticeships. To meet their standards, we ensure that all our EPA assessors are recruited for their knowledge, skills and experience related to the specific apprenticeships standard that they are assessing and all assessments are subject to moderation on a sampling basis.

A review of assessment practice is undertaken after each cohort of assessments and an action plan is produced to enhance and develop good practice and resolve any issues that may arise.

A formal report is produced for each training provider, highlighting areas of good practice and areas for future development.