The Link Students' Impact on Summerfield Studios

Eager to know how our Link students helped Summerfield Studios attract more artists?  Then read more.

Summerfield Studios

Summerfield Studios has been part of Midlands tradition since the 1950s, becoming a well-known place for recording music locally. Crafted by owner Phil Croft, this mix of old and new includes advanced acoustics, a 48-square-meter live space, and a top-notch control room, earning praise from acoustic designer Philip Newell. They asked our Link students for help to bring in more artists to their recording studio.


The main goal was to attract signed artists, and encourage them to book studio time using digital strategies for more visibility.

How the Students Met the Objectives:

    1. Social Media Reach:  Used Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to connect with a wide audience and establish a lively online presence.
    2. Referral Program and Demonstrations: Created a referral initiative with attractive rewards to encourage word-of-mouth promotion. Organised demonstrations to showcase the studio's capabilities and generate interest among potential clients.
    3. Email Connections: Adopted a focused email marketing approach to maintain strong relationships with clients.
    4. Digital Management Intern: Added an intern role to handle social media platforms and regularly update the studio's website.

    Benefits from The Link Agency and Summerfield Studios Partnership:

    In conclusion, the collaboration between Summerfield Studios and our Link students has led to notable enhancements. Summerfield Studios now enjoys an elevated online presence and increased visibility. The students' practical application of digital strategies, including social media engagement and a referral program, has not only attracted signed artists but has also positioned Summerfield Studios as a dynamic force in the recording industry.

    This successful partnership showcases the combination of traditional and modern digital initiatives, marking a positive transformation for Summerfield Studios and providing valuable experience for the Link students involved.