SilkEBee's Enhanced Branding and User Experience

Curious about the Link students' influence on reshaping SilkEBee's digital image? Dive deeper to uncover the insights and transformations they brought to the brand.

SilkEBee Logo

SilkEBee, an esteemed skincare brand rooted in a family tradition since the 1950s, draws inspiration from natural ingredients and the legacy of founder Eneritha Rwaveya's grandmother. Seeking collaboration with our Link Students, the brand aimed to enhance its online presence and improve customer engagement.


The key objectives aimed at enhancing SilkEBee’s website involved refining its design for a more distinct brand image, prioritising customer requirements, and optimising the overall shopping experience. Recognising the crucial role of first impressions, Link Students concentrated their efforts on creating a cohesive brand identity.

How the Link Students Met the Objectives:

    1. Total Website Makeover: Students revamped SilkEBee's site for a sleeker look and better functionality.
    2. Image Upgrade: Elevating the visuals, students amped up product image quality for a more attractive online vibe.
    3. Tapping into design principals students seamlessly fused the key concepts, nailing a unified and stylish brand and site design.
    4. User-First Approach: Focused on users, students fine-tuned the website flow, ensuring a experience for all visitors.

    Benefits from The Link Agency and SilkEBee Partnership:

    SilkEBee achieved refined branding, an improved user experience, and a more functional website. Link Students applied design principles and practically implemented their learnings, gaining confidence for future roles in design and user-focused positions.

    The collaboration between Link Students and SilkEBee successfully met its goals, setting the stage for ongoing success. This partnership highlights the positive impact of combining academic knowledge with real-world applications in digital design and e-commerce, benefiting both the company and the students. The transformative journey with SilkEBee showcases the collective skills of Link Students in making meaningful improvements for businesses in the digital realm.