What is an elevator pitch

Welcome to the elevator pitch, your secret weapon to conquering awkward pauses and unlocking great opportunities. Think of a movie trailer with all your highlights this is your social superpower for your career. No escape for 30 seconds except your words... Are you able to wow your listener?

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An elevator pitch is not about bragging. It is about sharing your values and being authentic. Who are you? What value do you bring? 

Benefits of Elevator Pitches

• Win over your professors: Have a great idea for your coursework? Chat with them about it and you never know, you may just land an opportunity to present it to your classmates.

• Land that internship: With a quick chat at a career fair, you might just showcase your skills and passion to the right person, leaving them wanting to know more about you.

• Network like a pro: Ever been stuck in an awkward situation? No more small talk. Instead, spark a connection by sharing your future aspirations.

As you can see, an elevator pitch has many great advantages, not just for your career but also for your life. It gives you the ability to communicate effectively with anyone who will listen.

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 How to Create Your Elevator Pitch

  1. Grab their attention. Use a surprising fact, ask a question, or make a relatable statement. This is just to make them curious to hear more about you!

  2. Explain your “what”. Explain what you do and what you are passionate about. Keep it simple.

  3. Highlight your “why”. What problem do you solve? Show them how you can make a difference.

  4. Call to action. End with a clear next step you’d like them to take. Would you like a meeting, or to discuss further at a lunch? This is the time to ask.

 Example of an Elevator Pitch

Imagine you find yourself waiting for your coffee, and you strike up a conversation with the CEO of a tech company. With just moments to capture their interest, you confidently say:

"Hey, my name's ______ I'm a computer science student at BCU. You know, I've been working on making the internet safer for students by creating an anti-virus smart tool that stops cyber threats while they are researching for their assignments. I'd love to chat more about it over coffee or lunch sometime this week as there's something I need your expertise on. Are you free for a quick catch-up or coffee next week? If not I can give you my number and we can find a good time for you?"

This elevator pitch is designed to be concise and attention-grabbing and ends with a clear call to action. It introduces the individual, highlights their experience, and expresses a specific interest in collaboration.

Final Tips 

  • Stay calm. An elevator pitch is not a one-time event or limited to an elevator. It is a skill you can learn and develop.

  • Practice with your classmates, at home, with friends and family or even in front of a mirror. The more practice you have the more your confidence begins to blossom.

After this, watch the opportunities roll in. Don’t forget the goal is not to memorise your pitch but to be memorable. A good pitch always leaves the listener wanting to know more.

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