Four reasons why you should work in the Link Agency

Working in a marketing agency allows students to work with real-life clients and helps them to understand more about marketing. Do you want to be one of the students to be a part of the link agency and get the chance to work on real-life projects?

Digital Marketing meeting
1. Developing Your Marketing Skills

In the world of marketing, learning practical skills is crucial, especially when you're still a student. At the Link Agency, I discovered that standing out means working directly with clients. For instance, I regularly checked analytics on my clients' Instagram pages, which helped me understand data analytics—a key skill in marketing.

2. Job Opportunities: A Boost for Your Future

Being part of a marketing agency at university opens doors to job opportunities, like internships or placements. Having Link Agency experience on your CV makes employers more likely to offer you a job because they see you've gained real-world skills.

3. Learning About the Marketing Industry

Working at the Link Agency during university gives you insights into the marketing industry. It helps you in your studies and makes you more employable. My time there taught me about engaging consumers and how marketers come up with ideas to grab their attention.

4. Expanding Your CV: Making Yourself Stand Out

For marketing students, being part of the Link Agency is a big plus for your CV. Collaborating with real clients makes your profile more attractive to employers. Adding Link Agency experience to my CV and LinkedIn profile helped me get noticed in the job market.

A Step Towards Your Career

In conclusion, the Link Agency is not just a workplace; it's where you grow and learn about the everyday tasks of marketing. It's a chance to develop and show off your skills, proving you're ready for a professional career. The Link Agency is more than a job experience; it's a step toward building a successful career