DBA Working Papers

Working Paper Series

Showcasing Contemporary Research in Management, Human Resource and Enterprise at Birmingham City University

What is the Working Paper Series?

The Working Paper Series publishes and promotes the work of MHRE and Doctoral researchers in a timely way that enables the development of research outputs for further publication in academic journals. It is a showcase for the researchers, and a valuable resource for those wishing to publish their work to a wide audience. The Working Paper Series is an effective window on our research activity.

The Working Paper Series is launched to drive a valuable vehicle for early researchers to reach important peer audiences, communicating their achievements and contributions to their domain.


  • A fast-track to dissemination of your research
  • You are able to get developmental and critical feedback on work-in-progress
  • Develop outputs appropriate for REF contributions
  • Share ideas and get internal and external feedback 
  • Communicate preliminary results
  • A presence on the Birmingham City University e-space repository

Your working paper can be uploaded centrally after undergoing review. 

We will be launching the Working Papers series in early 2017.