Creative Industries Entrepreneurship

This has been an on-going series of research projects that the Business school have been involved in since 2003.  Studies from the Business school that have examined Creative Industries entrepreneurship include:

  • Entrepreneurship Research Methods for Creative Industries (2014- ongoing)
  • Entrepreneurship and Gender in the Creative Industries (Carey, 2013)
  • Entrepreneurship Education in the Creative Industries, multiple studies (2006-2009)
  • ESF EQUAL: iCi project Social Inclusion in the Creative Industries (2003-2005)

An outlet for this research and the development of insights is focussed around our activity with ISBE (Institue of Small Business and Entrepreneurship). Dr Charlotte Carey is the co-chair of Creative Industries Entrepreneurship conference track and Special Interest Group (SIG). More information about both and how to join the SIG are available on the ISBE website.

In June 2018 we hosted the inaugural SIG event here at Birmingham City University: Collaboration in Creative Industries Entrepreneurship Research: Policy, Practitioners, Impact and Researcher Perspectives: A developing Agenda for Collaboration in the Creative Industries Entrepreneurship Research” you can download this brief overview of the event here.