Dr Wahabalbari Ahmed

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Lecturer in Business and Economics

Birmingham City Business School
+44 (0)121 331 6392

Dr Wahabalbari is a multidisciplinary lecturer with a keen interest in behavioural economics, Islamic Social Finance and Creative Problem Solving.

Dr Wahabalbari completed his PhD in Economics from the University of Science Malaysia in 2014. The title of his thesis is “Scarcity Thinking and Human Wants: Re-Examining the Concept of Scarcity in Economics” in which he questioned the definition of scarcity in economics through the examination of philosophical and social psychology perspectives in the subject.

Prior to joining Birmingham City University, Dr Wahabalbari worked as a researcher in the Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD) where he researched the role of Faith & Faith Based Organisations in promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Also, he co-developed an E-Learning Course titled Certified Expert in Islamic Microfinance with a team from Islamic Relief Academy and Frankfurt School of Management and Finance.

Dr Wahabalbari engaged in research projects with the University of Birmingham on Refugee Integration and the aspirations of migrant entrepreneurship in Birmingham. He has further published several papers for journals, conferences and book chapters dealing with the concept of scarcity from various dimensions of mainstream economics, Islamic economics and social psychology.

In addition to his academic and practitioner role, Dr Wahabalbari volunteers for various community and charity organisations in Birmingham. Recently, he volunteered for Mosaic, Prince’s Trust where he mentored secondary school students on enterprise challenge.

Dr Wahabalbari is the module leader for Microeconomics, Islamic Social Finance, Economics for Sustainable Development and Creative Problem Solving.

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