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Dr Danilo Spinola

Dr. Danilo Spinola is the Director of the Centre for Accountancy, Finance, and Economics (CAFE) and serves as the Academic Lead for Ethics at BCU's AFE College, alongside his role as a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Birmingham City University (BCU). His work explores the connections between innovation, inequality, and sustainability. With a Ph.D. in the Economics of Innovation from the UNU-MERIT and a postdoctoral fellowship at the same institution, he has deepened his understanding of how innovation affects both the economy and the environment. Dr. Spinola aims to find solutions that balance technological progress with fairness and sustainability.

In his role at BCU, Dr. Spinola teaches courses such as Economics for Sustainable Development, Political Economy, Economic History, and Labour Economics. His research, which has been published in journals like Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Review of Political Economy, Metroeconomica, and Review of Keynesian Economics, focuses on economic development, especially in emerging economies. This involves combining data analysis with theoretical models within Keynesian and Evolutionary frameworks.

Dr. Spinola also consults for organizations like the ECLAC, the IDB, and the INET, bringing his academic insights to broader economic development challenges. As a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), he is committed to teaching and learning excellence. Stationed in the Curzon Building, room C213, he is available to supervise PhD students interested in his fields of study, aiming to contribute to the academic community with both humility and dedication.

Centre staff

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  • Beverley Nielsen

    Associate Professor and Senior Fellow

    Beverley has worked for Birmingham City University for over a decade in a variety of exciting roles. Positions have included Visiting Tutor, MA Design Management and Business Development Manager for Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, as well as Director of Employer Engagement and Director of Corporate Affairs for the...

  • Dr Eleni Papagiannaki

    Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead for Business School, Course Leader - BA (Hons) Economics

    Dr Elena Papagiannaki  has completed her Phd in Economics and Operational Research at Aston University. She researches, teaches and writes about the economics of labour, working time, income inequality and the future of work.

  • Dr Feranda Perin


    Fernanda Perin holds a PhD in Economics of Industry and Technology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, Brazil).  She is  currently a Lecturer in Economics at Birmingham City University (UK) and a Research Associate at the Economics of Innovation Research Group (UFRJ).

  • Dr Bruce Philp

    Head of Graduate School of Management

    Having left school after his O-levels, Bruce Philp worked in the pharmaceutical industry before returning to education. After roles at several Universities, he is now the  Head of Graduate School of Management at Birmingham City University.

  • Dr Kashan Pirzada

    Lecturer in Financial Accounting

    Kashan Pirzada earned his Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Malaya. He began his academic career in 2009 at Bahria University, where he gained his MBA. He is an enthusiastic academician in financial accounting and corporate governance. Before joining Birmingham City University, Kashan was a Senior lecturer of...

  • Dr Alexandros Psychogios

    Professor in International Human Resource Management

    Prof. Alexandros Psychogios has a BSc in  Political Science & Public Administration  (University of Athens, Greece), MSc in  Public Policy & Public Finance  (University of Athens, Greece), MA in Services  Management  (University of York, UK) and a PhD in Industrial & Business Studies (University of Warwick, UK).

  • Dr Hafiz Muhammad Usman Rana

    Programme Director for BSc Business Finance

    Hafiz Muhammad Usman Rana is a Programme Director for BSc (Hons) Business Finance and a Lecturer in Finance at Birmingham City Business School. He teaches Finance to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in the Department of Finance, and Economics (FE).

  • Dr Krish Saha

    Associate Professor in Circular Economy

    Krish Saha is an institutional economist and currently working as a Senior Lecturer in International Business at the Birmingham City Business School. His research interest includes institutional influence on business performance, country governance, supranational institutions and trade.

  • Dr Samuel Salia

    Associate Professor of Finance

    Dr Samuel Salia is an Associate Professor of Finance at Birmingham City University (UK) where he currently leads research and teaches finance. He holds a PhD in Finance from Birmingham City University. He is a member of the UK Institute of Consulting and has consulted for international organisations including the African Union...

  • Dr Issahaku Salifu

    Lecturer in Accounting

    Issahaku is a Lecturer in Accounting and is passionate about teaching and learning in Higher Education. Over the years, he has gained significant teaching experience in HE in Ghana and the UK. Prior to his appointment, he has been studying a PhD programme with Birmingham City Business School, which has shaped his research...

38 items found, viewing items 21 to 30.