Innovation and entrepreneurial development programme with Westfield Sportscars


Avanti Banerrji, (BA Hons) Marketing, Advertising and PR student participated in a three month internship programme with Westfield Sportscars based in Dudley. The programme aimed to engage students to create a sustainable business plan for the company.

Students were put into groups of six and were  allocated roles including a mentor and project manager. Avanti and her team felt by working in a team with different work ethics was excellent as they were able to work together and contribute towards the business plan using different skills. During the three months all six group members contributed to undertake market research (desk and field work) and produced a sustainable detailed functional business plan.

The results were presented to Westfield Sportscars and Birmingham City University heads of schools which included BIAD, TEE and BCBS. This was an opportunity for students to reflect on the work they had produced and also for the employer and BCU heads of schools to hold a Question and Answer session where they could challenge students and identify which business plan was the most sustainable.

Birmingham City Business School was awarded with the Best Business Proposition prize and all six team members were awarded with the Best Commitment and Attitude award.

“The overall experience was fantastic as I had a productive summer instead of going on holiday or just sitting at home. I actually applied the theory I learnt in my first year, gained valuable work experience and most importantly understood how professional life works. My time management skills and business acumen has definitely improved.

My highlights of the summer included visits to Racing completions, car shows, designer car showrooms and a customer insight event by JLR all over the West Midlands.

I would not have applied for this internship without the social media promotion of the Student BIZ Council and email updates from Vanessa Clark who is in charge of the Leadership Challenge.

Lastly, the fact that I enjoyed my internship and performed well has proved it to me that my career choice of Marketing, Advertising & PR is perfect.”

Avanti had a great experience during the three month internship and learned valuable skills that she can apply to her academic studies.

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