Birmingham City Business School Professor holds a Brands Masterclass for 120 Executives

Chris Edger

On Friday June 10, Professor Chris Edger held a Brands Masterclass for 120 Food Service Industry Executives at the Chartered Accountants Hall in London.

The senior executives in attendance came from some of the UK’s best known food service companies including Pizza Express, Jamies, Gaucho, Café Rouge, Belgo, Giraffe, Le Bistrot Pierre, Coal Bar and Grill, and Tesco Hospitality.

The Masterclass – based around the book that Professor Edger had written with Tony Hughes (the senior Non-Executive Director of the Restaurant Group) ‘Effective Brand Leadership – Be Different, Stay Different or Perish’ – also included contributions from expert speakers drawn from across the sector; including BCU’s Dr Clinton Bantock, Associate Professor in the Academy of Multi-Unit Leadership.

The organiser of the Masterclass, Paul Charity the editor of PropelInfo – the food service sector’s most widely read daily news service – commented:

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