Birmingham City Business School raises money for the Philippines Typhoon Relief


Students from the Birmingham City Business School Student Council (BCBSSC) have raised almost £600 for charity by organising a Christmas bake sale and raffle.

They spent three days collecting money and raising awareness for the Philippine Typhoon Relief fund at two of the University's campuses - City North and City Centre.

The money will be used to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines in November 2013, by providing shelter, medical supplies and other necessities.

Martina Aleksieva, student council member, said: "I've always been very keen on donating and whenever possible I either donate money or try my best to give some of my time. The feeling of knowing that even with that £1 or one hour of my life I've potentially made a change to somebody's life, is amazing and very rewarding. This is what makes me participate in fundraising events as much as I can."

This is just one of many examples where BCBSSC students work together to help those in need, in the local community, nationally or internationally. Charity work gives council members the chance to enhance their business and organisational skills alongside their studies.

BCBSSC aims to build a tighter community for all students within the faculty, ensuring they voice the opinion of students and achieve successful results by working in partnership with school management, staff, and external partners.

Students can join the council at any point of their studies at BCBS. They have the opportunity to get involved with organising co-curricular activities and events, attend focus groups voicing the opinion of fellow students, and fundraise for charities. Alongside their studies they are able to develop their transferrable skills through various activities, and the roles of responsibility that they undertake.

More information about the Council, including how to join is available on Facebook.

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