How to plan and deliver a successful event experience

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Lecturer in Sport and Event Management, Dr Libby Carter, discusses what makes a good event manager and how the expectations of audiences are rising when it comes to engaging event experiences.


Birmingham City University

The key to creating a successful event experience is putting the audience at the centre of your decision making from the initial brainstorming process where you begin developing the event concept, through to the logistical planning where health and safety, floor plans and ticketing strategies are considered.

A good event manager will have skills in organisation, critical thinking and problem solving whilst also having good knowledge of their target audience to ensure that they can create unique experiences that capture audiences and push expectations within today’s landscape.

An event manager should pay attention to both the macro and micro environment for the event. Whilst it is important to consider, especially in the current climate, the wider environment such as health and safety plans, political and cultural issues and customer profiles, it is equally important to consider the smaller details which will allow the event to stand out as a memorable experience.

Given the value of social media, it is often the small details that make events personal to audience members and it is these personal touches that are both remembered and shared.

Over the years as events have become more popular and the industry has developed and expanded to form ‘event experiences’, audiences expectations have risen. It is so important now for event planners to offer something new and different to ensure that audiences are kept both entertained and engaged.

Post-pandemic there is more thirst for events now than ever as the world slowly returns to full stadiums, festival fields and live audiences. Given the current market, it is important to ensure your event is both good value for money and memorable to ensure both repeat business and good reputation.

Events are always in competition with physical goods, however given the recent lockdowns, now is a great time for the industry as people become more confident to be part of ‘the crowd’ again.

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