Expert releases a handbook on entrepreneurial finance


A lecturer from Birmingham City University has helped publish a handbook on entrepreneurial finance, providing cutting-edge theories to both established researchers and students.

Javed Hussain, Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance, has worked alongside Jonathan M. Scott, from Teesside University, to publish the handbook, which provides an analysis of the interaction between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs and global financial institutions.

The contributors consider regional and international perspectives within and between Europe, North America, New Zealand and the Middle East, as well as South, Central and East Asia on a chapter-by-chapter basis. In doing so, they provide an up-to-date snapshot of entrepreneurial finance research.

The book is aimed at researchers looking for avenues of future research into entrepreneurial finance, as well as being useful to policymakers and practitioners seeking a global perspective in their work.

“This book provides a fresh perspective on a problem that has provided challenges for nearly a century,” said David Storey, from the University of Sussex.

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