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Dr. Hatem El-Gohary, a Senior Lecturer in Marketing with Birmingham City Business School has had a chapter accepted for publication in a forthcoming release: “Innovations in SMEs and Conducting E-Business: Technologies, Trends and Solutions”. The book is edited by Drs. Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha and Joao Varajao and is scheduled to be published by the American Publisher IGI International in the second half of 2011

As Electronic business (E-Business) plays a central role in the economy, facilitating the exchange of information, goods, services and payments, the book try to illustrate that E-Business is not exclusive for large enterprises and that it propels productivity and competitiveness and is accessible to all enterprises and sophisticated systems such as SMEs.

The book discusses the main issues, challenges, opportunities and solutions related to electronic business adoption with a special focus on SME while providing researchers, scholars, professionals with some of the most advanced research developments, solutions and discussions of E-Business challenges, impacts and opportunities under the social, managerial and organizational dimensions.

The chapter published by Dr El-Gohary aims to add to the accumulative knowledge in the field of e-marketing through conceptualising e-marketing as a new marketing philosophy. Unexpectedly, the review of the literature has revealed that one of the main obstacles in developing e-marketing potential is the absence of a clear conceptualisation of e-marketing purpose and definition. The majority of researchers within the field misuse the term e-marketing and are using the terms e-business, e-marketing, e-commerce and Internet-marketing interchangeably as if they are similar or have the same meaning, which is incorrect. Since, for example, e-marketing is broader in scope than Internet marketing as it refers not only to digital media such as the Web, e-mail, and wireless media, but also includes electronic customer relationship management systems and the management of digital customer data, etc. In contrast, e-commerce and e-business have a wider and broader scope than e-marketing. The differences between these terms as well as the main components of e-marketing are illustrated and discussed in detail within the chapter towards achieving a conceptualisation of e-marketing as a new marketing philosophy and to build a ground base of understanding for these different concepts.

The chapter will help researchers and scholars in the field of e-marketing to have a clearer view towards its concept that in turn will contribute to the related accumulated knowledge in the field.

For more information, please contact Dr. Hatem El-Gohary, using tel: 0121 202 4616 or e-mail:

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