Academic Research with an Alcoholic Twist


This month, Dr Philip Talbot, a senior academic within the Department of Accountancy and Finance, Birmingham City Business School, has had his collected works on brewing accounting and management accepted for inclusion in the archives of the internationally prestigious National Brewery Centre, in Staffordshire.

The Centre, which incorporates the Bass Museum, showcases the social history and development of the brewing industry. It explains the brewing process and the roles that steam engines and vintage vehicles played in the brewing world.

The work that has been submitted to the Centre’s archives include, a copy of Dr Talbot’s PhD research which he undertook at Warwick University in 2006, entitled “The Accounting History of the English Brewing Industry 1700-1939: An Exploration of Foucauldian Disciplinarity”, a trilogy of published papers on the accounting history of the State Management Scheme (the Nationalised Brewery at Carlisle and District 1916-1974) and another published paper on malt accounting. All the works explore the evolution of accounting in performance management and financial control in the important British brewing sector.

Dr Talbot was honoured to have his worked accepted into the archives and hopes that it will help to enrich the academic resources currently housed there. Ms Vanessa Winstone, Collections Officer at the National Brewery Centre said “We are delighted to accept this academic work. It will enhance our archives resources for future researchers.” The work will be catalogued within the archive which is open to researchers wanting to access information about the history of brewing and related subjects, by appointment with the Centre.

This submission is a good example of how academic work produced by staff at institutions such as Birmingham City University, can be appreciated by a wider audience, in forms of other avenues of academia and industry.

For further information regarding Dr Talbot's work please contact him by email.

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