Top skills employers of the future will want

The working world is always in a constant state of flux and 2020 was the year that turned the modern-day workplace on its head.

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With a global pandemic creating fundamental shifts across nearly every single industry, remote working quickly became the norm. Whilst some companies embraced the remote working model and others are now transitioning to a hybrid approach, the shift taught many employers a lot of lessons about what it takes to make a great employee in this ‘new normal’.

The next decade is predicted to be a time of particularly intense change, and as you start to look for ways to set yourself apart from other candidates in the jobs market, thinking about the skills which employers of the future will want is key. To get you started we’ve come up with five skills we believe you’ll need to succeed in your future career, whatever path you take.


As we all continue to work through the uncertainty of a global pandemic, it is essential to demonstrate to employers you’re able to adapt to new situations and can learn new skills in the workplace. This will mean being able to work outside of a fixed routine and being able to manage radical changes to your workload. You’ll want to show that you are adaptable to new technology, new collaborations and new ways of thinking.


Emphasising your ability to communicate effectively should be a priority. Employers will look for candidates who are able to manage teamwork and communicate whilst working remotely. It will be important to demonstrate that you can communicate virtually with ease, and feel comfortable working independently and outside of the typical office workspace, whilst still continuing to produce high-quality work.

Emotional and social intelligence

Emotional and social intelligence are increasingly recognised as vital characteristics for high-performing professionals in the workplace. Your future job is most likely going to include working closely with others, so having empathy, understanding and the ability to collaborate, is going to be advantageous. Demonstrate this skill by emphasising and working on your understanding, patience and ability to cope with the unexpected.

You will find lots of resources online around emotional intelligence - even quizzes you can take to dig deeper into your own traits.


Creativity does not just apply to those thinking of going into ‘creative’ professions - it is relevant across many industries. Creativity incorporates an array of skills considered necessary in organisations, including problem solving, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. This quality empowers you to pioneer new solutions and ideas which should impress any future employer.

Digital literacy

With rapid advances in technology occurring constantly, being digitally literate is essential and should be at the forefront of your mind when applying for roles. Aim to keep up with emerging technologies - for example, cyber security, artificial intelligence, data analytics, video editing, software and web development. This technical know-how, for the time being, remains safe from automation and will be in high demand in the jobs market.

Taking the time to enhance your understanding of the technology of the future will increase your job opportunities and keep your skillset viable in the long-term.

It is crucial you are committed to learning and developing yourself to ensure you have the skills required to succeed in your future workplace. Our online postgraduate Business courses embody these skills and more.  Find out how online learning with us can help you harness and improve your skillset and ensure you’re ready to make a success of your role in any organisation.

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