Societies at Birmingham City Business School

When you become a BCU student, you automatically become a member of our Students’ Union, giving you access to the wide range of fantastic services and facilities that they offer. BCUSU offers over 100 societies and sports team for you to get involved in. Whatever your interests, they’ve got it covered.

Students in BCUSU t-shirts

Below we take a look at some of the societies created by our students in the Birmingham City Business School.

Events Society

Some of our Event, Venue and Experience Management students decided to create the Events society to help other students on this course gain work experience and the necessary skills that will allow them to feel more confident in their future working environment.

As part of the Society, students have had a chance to work at various events, both internal and external to the University, from the initial creative planning process all the way through to bringing their innovative ideas to life at the final event.

Adriana, the Events Society President, says, ‘We have contacts from all over Birmingham, each of them offering different experiences for our members including both voluntary and paid work opportunities’.

Accounting Society

The Accounting society is run by students who study on our Accounting courses. President of the Society, Mahmood Ahmad Raja, says the Society was set up to ‘bridge the gap between the theory of accounting and the real world of work, so that students can become more employable and gain the confidence they need when they start their career’.

Accounting students also have the opportunity to network with businesses in the accounting industry, as well as improve their knowledge of software, including Sage.

Finance and Investment Society

The Finance & Investment Society allows members to develop their industry knowledge and gain an understanding of all of the components required to successfully operate an investment fund.

The Society is a hub for extra support within classes where students of the same or similar academic studies can communicate together to enhance their learning on the operation of an investment fund, or any finance and investment related subjects.

Marketing Society

The Marketing Society aims to bring together marketing students from across the University to support each other with the academic content taught on our marketing courses. The Society organises fun social mixers and events, on a regular basis, so that members can get to know one another. They also set up regular networking opportunities so that members can meet marketing professionals.


The Intersocials Society is a little different to a traditional society. They set up monthly events designed to bring BCU students from all societies together and give everyone the opportunity to make friends in an informal and fun environment.

Bright Ifeanyi, the creator of Intersocials, says, ‘Getting involved in activities and making new friends can highly impact a student’s experience of university. BCUSU has hundreds of societies that students can join based on their interests, culture or faith, but I wanted to create a platform that could bring everyone together. A key thing was that it had to be a social and fun gathering organised by students so it could feel casual and relatable. We use ice breaker activities, games and quizzes to promote interaction’.

Coming soon…

There is a Business Society, and also an Economics Society waiting to be launched with BCUSU, so if you study either of those courses, or have interest in those topics, you will soon be able to join these societies too!

University-wide societies

As well as the range of societies run by our students in the Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences, BCUSU has hundreds of other societies that students from any course can join.

There are a variety of faith and culture societies including Sikh, Jewish, Indian, African, Christian, Italian and Chinese societies.

There are societies for those interested in media and creative subjects including Anime and Manga, eSports, film, chess and radio societies.

If you’re into sports and being active, there are societies for Bhangra, Dance, Yoga, Burlesque, Cheerleading, Ice Hockey, Rock Climbing, Football, Polo and Taekwondo.

Then, there are campaign and representation societies for areas such as the Earth, LGBTQ+, Disabled Students, International, Parents and Carers, Mature Students and People of Colour.

Plus, not to leave out the weird and wonderful, there is even a Louis Theroux Appreciation Society, so there should be a society for everyone here at BCU!