Andrew Salmon

Andrew Salmon

Senior Lecturer International Business

Birmingham City Business School
0121 331 6668

An entrepreneur at heart, having travelled overseas to gain some international experience Andrew started his own successful IT consultancy in South Australia which he ran for a decade before executing a harvest strategy. He then took up a management position with an international E-Learning organisation providing a learning portal to educational authorities and private institutions in Australia, USA, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong & Papua New Guinnea; serving over five million students. 

Later Andrew established and successfully managed the South Australian arm of the leading consumer facing IT services organisation in Australasia and whilst doing this, complement his business experience with an academic framework by studying for a Masters Degree, graduating in 2008. 

In August 2008, Andrew returned to the UK and launched a Management Consultancy, providing Marketing & Strategy training support to West Midlands based SME’s and third sector organisations under ERDF contracts. 

Andrew has significant industry experience, having developed a range of digital marketing workshops which have been attended by over 2,000 SME’s. A self confessed geek, Andrew has a passion for how organisations can leverage technology to better improve marketing performance and he was part of a team that developed and delivered the first BTEC accredited Social Media qualification in the UK.

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