Dr Omer Ozturkoglu

Omer Ozturkoglu

Associate Professor in Digital Transformation (Supply Chain and Production Systems) | Academic Subject Lead for International Business

Birmingham City Business School

Dr Ozturkoglu is an academic in Industrial and Systems Engineering with over 20 years of international teaching, research, and curriculum development experience. He has coordinated and taught various undergraduate and postgraduate modules such as Production & Operations Management, Project Management, Facilities Planning and Design, Distribution Center Design and Operations, and Simulation.

Dr. Ozturkoglu has honed his expertise in the optimization and design of production and logistics systems, with a specific focus on areas such as warehousing, material handling, and routing. Notably, he has successfully secured six external grants, totalling approximately £400,000, serving as either the Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on these projects.

Furthermore, he has contributed significantly to the academic community through the publication of more than 35 peer-reviewed scientific articles, appearing in various esteemed journals, conferences, and books, including prominent publications such as EJOR, IIE Transactions, and Advanced Sustainable Systems. In addition to his research contributions, Dr. Ozturkoglu has guided and mentored numerous students, supervising the completion of 5 PhD. theses and 50 MSc dissertations. His practical experience extends beyond academia, as he has provided consultancy services to several logistics companies.

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