Our Mission

The Curzon Building


The Inspiring Business School: Educates Managers and Professionals to Handle Today’s Realities and Tomorrow’s Challenges


We will work progressively to bring together our academics, staff, students, alumni and other stakeholders (within and outside Birmingham City University) by: “Leading through creativity and innovation, and by inspiring change and integrating research, teaching and professional practice ". We will do this in ways which benefit, primarily Birmingham and the West Midlands and then nationally and on a global scale. We will build on the University’s vision "To be the leading university for creative and professional practice inspired by innovation and enquiry“. We are committed to equality of opportunity, to supporting staff, academics and students’ wellbeing, ensuring that students, staff and academics can reach their full potential in the business school. We believe that a diverse population of academics, staff and students strengthens us.

Strategic Plan: Themes and Commitments


We will continue to provide a high standard of education and experience which prepares our students with the necessary skills (both disciplinary and soft skills), competences and knowhow to engage and inspire students to achieve their full potential in an external professional environment.


The Business School will continue to develop its research impact through its academics. Academic research output will focuses on solving real problems, integrated into teaching and diffused to professional practice enhancing innovation and creativity


People are the foundation of the business school’s success and the quality of our academic, research, professional and support staff is critical to our future.  We will continue to attract, recruit and support talented individuals and provide them with diverse, inclusive, fair and open environment that will allows them to grow and evolve within the Business school.

Engagement and Collaborations

We continue to disseminate our knowledge transfer through research and education to benefit the wider public in the Birmingham and West Midlands region, across the UK and internationally. To this end, we will work in partnership with public, private, NGO, SMEs, large corporate organisations and our alumni.


We need to continue developing existing programs, launching new programs and strengthening revenue resources to ensure that the Business school remains both financially and environmentally sustainable into the future. We need also to continue using all the resource provided by BCU and work more collaboratively with other faculties within the universities to underpin our education and research.