Dujana Nasir | BA (Hons) Business Economics

Dujana started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, helping with family-run businesses and finding revenue streams whilst in secondary school. Dujana found an opportunity to set up a food kiosk in Lane7, which saw quick success and generated £8000 within the first month of trading. Dujana has gone on to open a full restaurant in Leicester and plans to expand his ever-growing business empire all across the Midlands.

"I've always been business savvy. When I was 13, I owned a tuck shop in secondary school, generating over £150 a week. From there, I began planning events for my football team and friends; I would make over £600 on weekends through commission; I started to enjoy the aspect of entrepreneurship, the level of responsibility and the importance of good customer service.

After doing my A-Levels, I did an extra year of studying at Peter Jones Academy in Leicester College; this is where I first learnt the methodology of how to set up a business and what it was like to be an entrepreneur.

My first real venture was an exciting hospitality business opportunity at a newly opened bowling alley in Leicester, Lane 7. Although I had no hospitality experience, my dad, on the other hand, is an experienced chef and restaurant manager. He agreed to be my mentor and assist in the kitchen. With his help, I started a fast food company called Falaughfel, which generated over £8000 in the first month of trading.

Unfortunately, I had to return to university for my studies, but what I had created was such a great opportunity. I mentioned my situation to the Careers+ team and expressed that I wanted to take a placement year to focus on and grow my business. They agreed, and I got to work on growing and expanding my business. I worked on my business seven days a week, sixteen hours a day, which paid off. The company is now opening three other kiosks, one in Victoria London – (NOVA), Milton Keynes and one within Selfridges.

I have faced many challenges when setting up my business, which required learning new skills and persevering with my dream. I learnt so much about marketing and creating an online presence for my business through BCU's BSEEN programme, which also provided me with a grant for my business, allowing me to register Falaughfel with popular online food delivery platforms and pay for health and safety certifications.

I was inexperienced with managing taxes and payroll, but I have now learnt and developed this skill to an excellent standard. Falaughfel is currently looking to expand to shopping centres across the country. Look out for Falaughfel the next time you are out and about!

I am now focusing on my new venture, Golden Token, a charity focused on providing golden opportunities for young people and an export/import company."

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