Students and industry planning for a brighter future together

There was an excellent turnout to the inaugural industry meet and greet event for final year Birmingham City University Real Estate and Planning students, on 16 October 2019 held at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Headquarters, here in Birmingham. Students had the chance to meet with industry professionals, and were given the valuable opportunity to network and have their research topics critiqued by a panel of experts.

Split into two segments, the day began with presentations carefully crafted to guide students in building careers and securing their dream jobs in the areas of Real Estate and Planning. With talks on topics such as the pre-job application stage and preparing a CV with Place Partnership Director Andrew Pollard, and interview techniques and industry skills with Lambert Smith Hampton’s Mark Winsor, the students learnt what it takes to work in the property market and how to effectively prepare themselves to do so.

The next segment was all about networking, and gaining constructive criticism on project ideas. Students picked the brains of industry experts, refining their work and gaining valuable connections in industry. The University Careers team was also on site, providing further advice and assistance.  

As part of the event, the industry professionals voted on the best topic knowledge and professional skills. Once the votes were completed and the industry scores had been collated, an awards ceremony was held, recognising outstanding student research plans. The presentation was well-received by the students and professionals alike. Awards were given to the students as follows:

  •        Lucy Williams – Professional Etiquette
  •        Benjamin Oakes – Networking Skills
  •        Henry Pease – Best Research (Innovation)
  •        Bhavanjot Rehal – Best Research (Environmental)
  •        Elizabeth Edgar – Best Research (Business Strategy)
  •        Alya Akhtar – Best Knowledge Research Topic

The organisers would like to thank the staff, industry presenters, and of course the students for everything thing they did that made this event possible and run so smoothly. 

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