Meet the Technicians

We’re committed to providing you with support throughout your degree. Our experienced technicians provide hands on assistance with use of our facilities and provide guidance on projects.

Meet our technicians and learn how their experience and expertise will help you in your studies, whilst also preparing you for your career after university.

Meet Gurdial Singh 

Senior Technician,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“I have recently joined the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment at BCU as a Senior Technician, having over 25 years of knowledge and experience in consumer electronics.

My role is to run and maintain electronic laboratories and manage an inventory full of electronic components and test equipment. Also providing technical advice, guidance and assistance to students and academic colleagues.

I teach on technician led electronics practical lab experiments and participate in the mechanical engineering labs.

Currently the lead in setting up a repair type of café where you can bring your faulty household electronic items for repair. Where you as a student will be able to learn how to disassemble/reassemble, learn how the product works whilst attempting to carry out a repair.”

Meet Shahla Sohrab

School of Engineering and Built Environment

“I am in-charge of Electric Vehicles Engine Test cells and Formula students’ workshop in Birmingham City University. My role is providing technical support to students and academic speciality Automotive students. My background is Level3 Automotive Engineering provided by Kia and Citroen company, BSc Mechanical Engineering, MSc Aerospace Engineering also I have submitted my PhD proposal about EV Engine Test Cell (Investigations of Thermal Management in Electrical Vehicle Systems).

I’ve started communicating with industries and companies which how can support them also how they can support our students and staff in engineering. The aim is to offer students opportunity to gain industry -relevant experience within their chosen career field in all levels. (PhD -MSc BSc).

Over the years I have been part of many exciting Automotive industry projects, problem solving and diagnostics the faults, I very much enjoy sharing my ideas and work experience with students”

Meet Amin Zakeremamreza

Civil Technician,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“Prior to completing my MSc in civil engineering at BCU, I worked three years in the industry, including a site engineer on a concrete project and a civil engineering technician in engineering labs. Green concrete technologies and sustainable building materials are the focus of my studies. Also, I have done my master thesis on a novel mortar mix design using geopolymer materials and waste tire rubbers  instead of cement and conventional components.  Recently, I am fascinated by the idea of utilizing digital twins and 3D-modelling in the construction sector.

Currently, I am a Civil engineering Technician, demonstrating practical sessions in the Civil group and assisting my fellow co-workers in other Engineering labs at BCU. 

Meet Khushmeet Singh

Placement Technician,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“I am a second-year Mechanical Engineering student doing a placement at BCU as an engineering technician. Support the Practical lab sessions for undergraduates, 1st year and Foundation year. I also help students and technical staff around workshop and labs. I got the opportunity to work and learn every day with a team of highly skilled technicians.

Since childhood I’ve been curious about the working of toys and always try to dissemble them to see how things work, which led me to peruse engineering as a degree of my choice. In my free time I like to work on DIY and reverse engineering projects.”

Meet Jon Isaacs

Technical Manager and Chartered Engineer, 
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“Welcome to the Technical Department here at BCU. My team and I can’t wait to meet you and show you around the amazing facilities, equipment and resources that we have here waiting for you!

With our help, you can bring your ideas to life using our 3D printers to produce samples made from metals, resins and plastics, get hands-on with electric motors and battery technology using our EV engine test cell, produce electronic circuit boards using our real-life PCB production line, practise your soldering skills in our professional, fully equipped electronics lab, experiment with materials,  mechanics and geotechnology in our mechanical and civils labs, test things to destruction using our Instron tensile tester, explore nano-technology with our scanning electron microscope, practise with fluid dynamics, hydraulics and pneumatics and conduct tests in our wind tunnel, and if you’re into building things and practical work then you will love getting on-the-tools in our state of the art workshops and CNC machining centres!

In addition, there are plenty of exciting engineering activities for you to participate in and meet like-minded students, including designing, building and driving a real-life Formula Student racing car, repairing and recycling faulty gadgets and equipment in our Repair Café, taking part in our retro-gaming and RC clubs and designing and building robots and competing on the international stage! ”

Meet Mohammad Kianifar 

Civil Technician,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“There should always be a way to solve a problem for a civil engineer, and if there is not, they should create one! I have roughly 7 years of experience working on civil projects, and I used to employ research to find solutions to issues with concrete structures.

As a civil engineering technician right now, I work with students while also attending a PhD degree. I created the concrete and chemical additives for the Iran Mall tower's foundation between 2017 and 2018. I then made the decision to protect the environment, and I selected the majority of my research topics with this objective in mind.

Some of my most recent studies involve removing cement from concrete and replacing natural aggregates with car tire granules. Additionally, I assist students with their research, and occasionally, we run new experiments together!

Meet Mohammed Hussain

Electronics Technician,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“I recently switched to part-time study as an undergraduate student of electronic engineering after finishing a year on industrial placement as an engineering technician. In order to further improve and use my expertise, I now juggle working full-time with studying part-time.

I also work as a research assistant in electronics and robotics, and my current project involves using agile robotic platforms to monitor the environment and patient health in hospital wards. Since then, I've presented my findings at the international STEAM conference, and my current research interests include robotic control, smart systems, and 5G connectivity.

I provide support for laboratories and workshops in electronics from foundation to final year levels. These include embedded systems and control, engineering electronic systems, and designing and programming microcontroller systems.

I'm eager to advance myself by taking on real life challenges while working and studying in engineering, and I believe that the advancement of technology and electronics will improve our lives, our homes, and our world.”

Meet Farshad Bahrami

Project Technician,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“I am a project technician with mechanical engineering background. I assist students from all levels with their practical projects in the workshop and Hydraulics lab specially where rapid prototyping is required. I use a variety of modelling software such as CatiaV5, Solidworks, fusion 360 to generate prototypes and functional parts with Fused Decomposition Modelling 3D technology  and metal 3D printer, where achieving complex parts is difficult.

I enjoy working alongside students and find solution for the challenges we face in each project.”

Meet Ahmet Cagay

Project Technician,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“Currently I am working as technician here at BCU (Birmingham City University). I have also done my placement year here also I am doing an Automotive Engineering degree. It is a pleasure to help students while being one of them.

I was always interested in car mechanic principles. I used to work part time in a car mechanic and I have realised that cars should be part of my life. Designing parts in 3D software’s and manufacturing along with my teams during my time in BCU as a student boosted my passion for engineering.

I have always dreamed about working in well-known car manufacturers and I think new tech equipment’s alongside with passionate teammates will help me and all other students.”

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