Five reasons to study a degree with a foundation year

Unsure about going to university? Undecided on what course you want to study? Many of our students study a degree with a foundation year. A foundation year gives you the opportunity to experience studying more generally, before fully committing to a course. Discover our five reasons why choosing a degree with a foundation year is a great choice!

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1. Fill any gaps in knowledge between school and university

If you’re unsure of the step-up into university education, or perhaps your previous studies were in different areas from your chosen course, a foundation year can be a fantastic way to top-up your knowledge and get you set for starting your undergraduate course. Additionally, education standards differ around the globe, and UK foundation year courses are designed especially in order to get applicants up to speed. This can be especially useful for students that have been out of education for a long time, and are re-entering study after a long hiatus.

2. Get used to university style studying

A degree with a foundation year is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to transition into undergraduate study. The step up from sixth form/college to university can be daunting for some students, with new types of classes and more independent study among the top concerns amongst new students. Foundation students have a head-start on students joining straight from school or college, in that they gain experience in university study and its requirements.

3. Access your chosen course if you missed out on grades

Many foundation year courses provide a direct route into studying a specific course, which can be a great route if you miss out on your expected grades. Completing a foundation year usually guarantees you a place on your chosen course the following year, giving you a direct and secure route onto your chosen course.

4. Time to adjust into your surroundings

Joining your chosen university before you begin your undergraduate studies gives you the chance to settle in to your new surroundings, both academically and in your personal life. Aside from your studies, and getting the chance to explore your new campus and its facilities, foundation students get the chance to move to their place of study, making friends and settling into the city.

5. More general study allowing time to specialise

One of the strengths of our foundation year degrees is that it allows you the chance to explore similar areas of study to your chosen course. Students relish the chance to sample similar courses in their field, and many students find that they would prefer to study in a slightly different area than they first thought. This added flexibility helps students when making a decision on their studies and allows them to try out an area before enrolling in full-time undergraduate study.

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