Day in the Life of an MSc Quantity Surveying Student

Ever wondered what a typical day for an MSc Quantity Surveying student looks like? Built Environment student Sanoja takes us through her day from start to finish!

6am - My day begins when the gentle chime of my alarm stirs me from sleep. I cherish those first few moments of peace before I swing my legs out of bed and start my morning routine. Living in my own apartment with my husband and our 8-year-old daughter adds a layer of joy and responsibility to my day. I quietly make my way to the kitchen to start breakfast while my family still sleeps.

Breakfast is a bustling affair. I prepare oatmeal with fresh fruit for my daughter, who loves to help by setting the table. My husband makes coffee while we chat about our plans for the day.

7am - We’re all seated and enjoying breakfast together. Afterward, I help my daughter get ready for school, ensuring her backpack is packed and lunch is prepared.

Commuting to Uni - The Tram Ride. After dropping my daughter off at school, I catch the tram to Birmingham City University (BCU). The commute is a 20-minute ride, giving me some precious alone time. I usually listen to a podcast or catch up on reading, but sometimes I’m looking at my lecture notes. The anticipation of learning something new and exciting always puts a spring in my step.

10am – My first lecture of the day is Advanced Quantification, held in the Curzon Building, a hub of activity and improvement. The lecture hall is spacious, filled with natural light, and equipped with the latest technology. Our lecturer, Dr Damilola Ekundayo is an expert in the field and makes the subject matter engaging with real-world examples and interactive discussions.

Quantity Surveying

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12pm - Lunch Break. Lunch is a social affair. I meet up with friends at the Curzon cafeteria, which serves delicious and affordable meals. There are plenty of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Caribbean, and American. I always love a classic fish and chips. We chat about our mornings, exchange notes, and unwind. This break is crucial for recharging before the afternoon sessions.

1pm - I head to the practical workshop in the computer lab. Here, we get hands-on experience with the latest software and equipment. Today’s task is to get practical knowledge of using estimating and costing software.

The software facilities at BCU are fantastic, and having access to such resources makes a huge difference in our learning experience.

4pm - Library Time. With my classes done for the day, I head to the library to catch up on reading and start some assignments. The BCU library is a serene place, perfect for focused study. I find a quiet corner, open my laptop, and immerse myself in my work. Today, I’m researching for an essay on the evolution of digital storytelling.

5pm - Commuting Home. The tram ride back home is a chance to unwind. I reflect on the day, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes, I’ll stop by a nearby café for a coffee or a snack, but today I head straight home.

6pm - Back at my apartment, I’m greeted by my daughter’s cheerful voice and my husband’s warm smile. We spend some quality time together, playing board games or going for a walk in the nearby park.

7pm - I start preparing dinner. Cooking is a therapeutic activity for me, and tonight’s menu is a simple pasta dish.

8pm - After dinner, we follow our evening routine. My husband helps our daughter with her homework while I clean up the kitchen. By 8:30 PM, it’s time for my daughter to get ready for bed. We read a bedtime story, and once she’s asleep, I dedicate a couple of hours to studying. I review my notes from the day, work on assignments, and prepare for tomorrow’s classes. Having a structured evening study routine helps reinforce what I’ve learned and keeps me on top of my coursework.

10.30pm - I start winding down. I do a quick tidy-up of our apartment, lay out my clothes for the next day, and spend some time journaling. Reflecting on my day helps me appreciate the small victories and identify areas for improvement. I end the day with a sense of gratitude for the opportunities I have at BCU and the support of my family.

As I drift off to sleep, I’m already looking forward to what tomorrow will bring—a new day full of learning, growth, and experiences that make my time at BCU truly special.

Final Thoughts

Being a student at Birmingham City University while balancing family life is a journey filled with academic challenges, personal growth, and unforgettable experiences. Each day is a step toward my future career, and I’m grateful for the vibrant community and the incredible resources that BCU provides. Whether it’s the engaging lectures, collaborative projects, or the supportive friends I’ve made along the way, every aspect of my life here contributes to an enriching and fulfilling university experience. The love and support of my family make this journey even more rewarding, reminding me that I’m not just pursuing a degree but also setting an example for my daughter.

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