Day in the Life of a MSc Quantity Surveying Student

Ever wondered what a typical day for a Built Environment student looks like? Quantity Surveying student Shaique takes us through his day from start to finish!

Hello, Shaique here and I'm a full-time student at BCU studying MSc Quantity Surveying. Well let me tell you, it’s been absolute blast so far! I would love to bring you along for a day in my life. Let's do this!

Since I am an early bird, my day starts at 4am in the Summer and 6am in the Winter, let’s discuss the summer as we get long sunny bright days.

4am - I wake up and get refreshed and ready to start my day. After performing my prayer (Salah) and reading The Quran, I head out for a lovely morning walk, surrounded by the beauty of nature. There's something so special about feeling the gentle morning breeze on my face - it invigorates me and keeps me feeling fresh throughout the entire day.

5am – So, I've got a delicious black coffee in hand, along with a scrumptious bite of a croissant. It's the perfect way to kickstart my day! And you know what? I'm all set to dive into my course work. Since I was a little kid, I've always had this morning routine of studying. It's the best time to absorb and memorise information because your mind is at its freshest state.

7am – I prepare breakfast and lunch as I enjoy cooking. I make some toast and cook some egg omelettes. I then pack my lunch as well as prepare to eat my own cooked foods.

7.30am – I leave home around this time, and I absolutely love having my university classes 2 days a week, specifically on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! The best part is the journey from London to Birmingham which takes me a solid 2 hours. During this time, I get to indulge in the simple pleasures of life, like catching up on the latest news in the newspapers, immersing myself in a good book, and jamming out to some awesome music. It's like my very own mini escape!

So, on weekdays like Monday and Thursday, I don’t have any lectures. Instead, I work in my part-time job. I head to the office around 8am and kickstart my day by checking my trusty to-do list and diving into my emails. It's quite a routine, but it keeps me on my toes!

10am – I really love attending lectures at university because the teaching staff are so knowledgeable and experienced. While studying Quantity Surveying, I had the best time being part of the session. We had amazing Q&A sessions with the faculty and engaging discussions with other students.

MSc Quantity Surveying

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1pm – Hurray, it's lunchtime! Can I just say how blown away I am by the incredible variety of delicious food options BCU has? And the best part is, they're all so affordable! I absolutely love watching the food being presented, it's like a feast for the eyes. They've got such a diverse range of cuisines to choose from, it's mind-boggling. Personally, I tend to go for the healthy and simple options because I'm not too fussy when it comes to food. I usually eat my own cooked food, then I go for day prayer (Salah), the best thing is that BCU has a multi-faith room, which is well maintained.

2pm – After my delicious lunch & prayer (Salah), I happily made my way to my next set of lectures at the university, just like I do every Tuesday and Wednesday. But when it's a Monday and Thursday, I eagerly head to the construction site to review the progress and gather all the necessary data. I've been diligently collecting data all day long, and now it's finally time to put our plans into action. Let's make it happen.

5pm – After finishing the lectures, I met up with some friends to have some chill time together outside of campus.

6pm – I catch my train to London and enjoyed my playlist during my journey home.

8pm – After arriving home, I showered and performed the two prayers (Salah) I was supposed to do but missed while travelling.

9pm – I work on my assignments, revise and study.

10pm – I had my dinner and do the last prayer (Salah).  

11pm – Its bedtime now, good night, see you tomorrow.

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