Date and time
05 Oct 2023 (5:00pm)

Birmingham School of Art: Margaret Street

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Free of Charge

Nanjing Chinese Red Gate


Poster Design Exhibition from Nanjing University of the Arts

Nanjing University of the Arts (NUA) is one of the largest art schools in China with a profound cultural and historical background. Located in the heart of Nanjing, where history and modernity meet, NUA formed the earliest independent art institution offering higher education and continues to develop creative talents through a plethora of subject areas including art, design, media, and the performing arts.

This well-established exchange between Birmingham City University (formerly University of Central England) and NUA began in 2003. An exhibition of our postgraduate student work, A Year’s Journey, curated by Dr Jiang Jiehong was invited by Professor Feng Jianqing and Professor Wu Lieyan to be hosted as part of the NUA graduation show at the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum. Following the success of the exhibition, over the past twenty years, we have delivered effective collaborative projects supporting student learning experiences and received numerous NUA students to continue their studies at postgraduate and research degree levels at BCU.

In October this year, we welcome a senior delegation from NUA led by President and Professor Zhang Linghao. This trip aims to explore research opportunities based on our mutual interests and to further expand our well-established network at the Centre for Chinese Visual Arts (CCVA). We are committed to working closely with colleagues and students at NUA to develop new understandings and perspectives of contemporary art, design, and visual culture in China and Asia.

In addition, the delegation will bring an exhibition of their latest poster designs by both students and professional graphic designers from NUA to be opened at Birmingham School of Art, College of Art and Design. This exhibition, Community, was inspired by the Chinese Confucian philosopher Mencius (372–289 BC) who advocates: "the nature of things is to seek harmony", which has become a widespread vision in China today. These posters not only reinvigorate traditional Chinese aesthetics in a contemporary context, but also explore the variety of visual approaches to a global audience.

This long-delayed reciprocal show to be hosted in Birmingham marks the twenty years of friendship, educational co-operation and intellectual dialogues. Staff and students from across the University are all welcome. Come and meet with our distinguished guests and colleagues and students at School of Art and CCVA. A complimentary wine reception will be provided for all to celebrate a historical 20 years of cultural exchange.

This is a private viewing event.