Su Yin Jennifer NG


Doctoral Researcher

Birmingham School of Art

Jennifer Ng is an artist and art educator. Originally trained as a Chinese ink painter during her diploma education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, she went on to receive both the Bachelor of Arts and the Masters in Art Education degrees at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her art practice covers paintings, sculptures, installations, participatory and performance art.

She believes in meditative engagement with material and space and adopts a multidisciplinary approach in her art-making. She is currently interested in the phenomenological interaction with objects/things, specifically their tangible/ intangible associations and their narrative potential. In her practice-based research, Jennifer aims to re-imagine the cultural artifacts of a hybridized community in Southeast Asia known as the Chinese-Peranakan. As an art educator, Jennifer enjoys working in various educational contexts. She has taught in preschools, primary and secondary schools as well as in the pre-university. Most recently, she conducted art classes for senior members of the community in the heartlands of Singapore. Extending her interest of working with others, Jennifer co-founded The Artists Company, an art collective in Singapore set out to design and carry out collaborative and participatory-based projects aimed at promoting public art.

Jennifer is also actively involved as the Art Coordinator of Stichen Haus da Opera, a performance art company comprising artists, educators and students working collectively with members of the public on improvisational performances. As a artist-researcher-educator, Jennifer believes in using the practice-oriented approaches as means to stimulate and facilitate educative and meaningful engagements. One of the things she hopes to achieve is to bring her research experience into her future art practices and pedagogical approaches.

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