A day in the life of an Art student

We caught up with BA (Hons) Art and Design with Foundation Year student Canaan Brown to ask about the projects he's been working on, and to learn about his experiences studying in Birmingham.

Canaan Brown
Art and Design with Foundation Year student

A day in the life of an Art student blog primary

Did you find it easy to settle in when you first started? 

The first week was really exciting, the tutors introduced themselves to us, explained the course structure, and then showed us the careers and opportunities that BCU Art and Design alumni have pursued. We then got involved in creative activities and games, which acted as icebreakers, and helped me learn my way around the building. I found most of the other students on my course were very friendly, which made the settling-in process even smoother.

Art day in life blog 3What projects did you get involved in during your Foundation Year?

The Foundation Year is arranged into different modules, with each module having its own project brief. The briefs are very open and flexible, which means you have lots of freedom for the type of projects you want to make. The Foundation Year supports you to experiment and explore how you can push your creativity further - from how you contextualise your work, to the media you choose. Centred on visual communication, this can include working with film, painting, drawing and illustration, digital media and various other creative means of expression.

Art day in life blog 1What have you enjoyed most about the course so far?

My favourite aspect of the course is that you are treated as an individual, the tutors genuinely want to help you succeed, so when you have an ambitious idea for a project the tutors and technicians are always there to guide you, and help push your ideas even further.

What do you like about being a student in Birmingham?

I love the cultural diversity here, there’s always something to do, and there are so many different people you can meet and learn from. Birmingham is a very forward-thinking city, and still feels like home in the sense that things are generally affordable and student-friendly.

Art day in life blog 2Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities/ societies?

Yes! I play for the BCU Squash team - I may be biased, however I’d definitely recommend trying squash. Also, I’m a member of the Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS) and the West Indian Society. As a person of colour, I found that being a member of a society that reflects my heritage helps me feel included in a strong community of inspirational people who look like me and share similar interests.

Why advice would you give to someone about to start your course?

This course is all about YOU, and the tutors are dedicated to making sure that you find your individual practice, and that you are confident in being able to bring your skills into the real world whilst owning YOUR style. My advice would be to take a positive approach to working hard. Enjoy it, be ambitious, take considered risks, and be kind to yourself.

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