As part of the partnership, Tate Liverpool sponsor a commendation at Birmingham School of Art’s degree show for final year undergraduate students.

The Tate Liverpool commendation gives the prize winner a unique opportunity to have their work viewed by members of the Tate, have exclusive behind-the-scenes access and mentoring.

In 2018, Head of Interpretation and Education at Tate Liverpool, Lindsey Fryer, visited Birmingham School of Art’s Inspired Festival to view the student work and award the commendation.

BA (Hons) Fine Art final year student Ameera Sadiq received the commendation for her futuristic 3D printed pieces.

“Ameera's work stood out for its stark depiction of a dystopia, her clever and intelligent use of materials, colour and light. It gave an arresting but uneasy feeling that held you, imagining what the 'story' might hold or lead to. It stayed with me.”

The mentoring process is already underway, with Ameera visiting Tate Liverpool to meet with Lindsey.

“On her first visit I got to know more about her and her work. I gave her an introduction to Tate and a tour of the galleries and behind the scenes and she met colleagues from each department” Lindsey explained. “We discussed her ideas for developing new work and what kind of support she might need."

"She was nervous but excited and the ideas just flowed. We decided that she will come back to Tate layer in the year for a portfolio session with a curator and bring her sketch book. In the meantime she has sent a link to her website do that we can see her work to date. Once the portfolio session has taken place we will decide with her what further mentoring she might need across this next year.”

“I look forward to Tate Liverpool supporting students each year in this way and of course hosting group visits through the year, using Tate Exchange to test out ideas on a live public platform and developing research together that has tangible public impact. Our partnership with BCU is important to us in bringing the two cities closer and nurturing the talents and skills of students to make best use of what Tate Liverpool had to offer.”