Dr Anita Xiaoming Wang

Dr. Anita Xiaoming Wang is Research Associate to the Centre for Chinese Visual Arts, Birmingham City University. From 01.2015 to 02.2018, she completed an Alexander von Humboldt Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in Chinese art history at the State Art Collection Dresden (SKD), Germany. 

During the last year of her post-doctoral research period in Germany, she successfully applied to the Humboldt foundation to complete her project with a “Europe Research Stay” for six months (July – December. 2017), with a month (September - October. 2017) spent in the British Museum to examine their collection and make comparisons. Her research base was in the Centre for Chinese Visual Arts, at the School of Art of Birmingham City University. 

Prior to this, in 2007, she joined the Feng Jicai Institute of Literature and Art at Tianjin University as a university teacher with a research focus on Chinese folk art and cultural heritage research and preservation. In 2013, she was awarded a PhD in Chinese studies with a focus on Chinese folk art history and intangible cultural heritage studies from Tianjin University and in the same year she became a university lecturer in Chinese art and culture studies. 

Current Activity