Overseas opportunities

Student profile: Tamanna Ahkter

"I have always enjoyed travelling so the opportunity to go to Sweden, somewhere I hadn’t been before, was so exciting.

"I studied in the very North of Sweden at the Umea School of Architecture. The facilities at the School were great especially for the students.  The theatre and lecture rooms were always open at all times so you could sit in and interact with presentations.

"Our main project involved the urban mapping and planning of a nearby industrial town that had fewer than 5,000 inhabitants and needed rejuvenation. Our ideas for proposals of public buildings included a train station, a swimming pool with spa, a fish market and a sail club with boathouse.

"For me, studying abroad informed my practice by being able to work in different environments and by meeting and communicating with new people. I have definitely seen a personal growth of confidence and independence within myself.

"We had a number of workshops that went on throughout the semester that looked at structural, material and drawing skills. We also had a class trip to Portugal, which was part of our history assignment."