Shumona Akhtar

Project title: Connector

Can you tell us a little more about your project?

When I started this project my goal was to design an educational toy for children. I started conducting research into toy designers and came across Cas Holman, an American toy designer. I fell in love with a project she did called Rigamajig. I loved the idea and I started to think about my childhood and the games I used to play with. That’s where the idea of connector came to me. It's a simple elegant form made from veneered plywood and finished with beeswax.

How important is being able to exhibit externally?

Exhibiting externally allows you to display what you have achieved but also lets you build relationships and network along the way. It also is a chance to add to your portfolio.

What has your highlight of the course been so far?

The highlight of the course so far is that I can go away and do something that I am proud of through having the opportunity to be independent and work on something I'm passionate about.

Could you tell us a little more about your design interests?

My design interests do not lie in just in one area or subject. I like to keep my mind open to new things. My end goal isn't clear as of yet as I like to keep exploring new ideas and roots.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying Product and Furniture Design at BCU?

My advice will be do what you want, keep focused and try your best in everything. Everyone has set backs and things that need to be figured out. It's on you to carry on and do the best that you can do. Never give up and never say never.