Birmingham Design Talent x Minima

Birmingham Design Talent

Birmingham Design Talent is a collective of BA (Hons) Product and Furniture Design students, who come together to showcase and sell their designs through one-off events and exhibitions.

The group includes those who produce hand-made bespoke items, through to others embracing digital technologies and batch production techniques. What brings the collective together is their passion for design and the desire to gain valuable experience exhibiting and selling their products.

Their latest event was at Minima, one of Birmingham's top contemporary design showrooms, where the group showed a range of products by first, second and third year students. The final pieces were created in response to a range of briefs, but all were tasked with developing innovative, well made and saleable objects. The work will remain on display at Minima until Monday 16 December.

Look out for our next event; a Pop-Up shop on 20 January 2020 at The Curzon Building, Birmingham City University, 4 Cardigan Street, Birmingham B4 7BD

Students exhibiting

Grace Somerfield


Read about Grace's work

Charlie Adlem


Read about Charlie's work

Isabelle Uner


Read about Isabelle's work

Rebekah Smith


Read about Rebekah's work

Emma Jones

Perluo Soap Tray

Read about Emma's work

Nina Naveršnik


Read about Nina's work

Jun Zhang


Read about Jun's work

Jannat Firdaus


Read about Jannat's work

Beth Martin


Read about Beth's work

Dominik Bondicov


Read about Dominik's work

Jolanta Neimane


Read about Jolanta's work

Katarzyna Kozlowska

Fruit Tray

Read about Katarzyna's work

Maya Zowada-Noise


Read about Maya's work

Doris van Rooijen

Egg and Soldiers

Read about Doris' work

Kristian Dale Onia


Read about Kristian's work

Huw Roberts

Stitch, The Hardened Leather Bowl

Read about Huw's work

Hanna Rosinska


Read about Hanna's work

Jacob Peters

Marquetry Coasters

Read about Jacob's work

Shumona Akhtar


Read about Shumona's work

Farjana Akhtar

RHOM Vase Collection

Read about Farjana's work