Colette Jeffrey

Associate Professor - Wayfinding and Inclusive Design

School of Visual Communication

Colette is Associate Professor of Wayfinding and Inclusive Design. She has a Doctorate in navigation, wayfinding and architecture and is an expert in why people get lost inside buildings having devised wayfinding strategies for over 30 NHS hospitals, the Natural History Museum in London, Tower Bridge, Wembley Arena, Heathrow Airport and shopping centres in Dublin and Dubai.

At Birmingham City University, Colette teaches Graphic Communication at undergraduate level in BICA, teaches students in Wuhan China studying at BIFCA, and supervises PhD students exploring any aspect of wayfinding and visual communication. Before joining BCU in 2009, Colette worked for over 15 years as a graphic designer, wayfinding consultant, project director and inclusive design director at Brand Union and  Applied Wayfinding in London, having trained at the Information Design Unit. Whilst at IDU, she researched and co-wrote the official NHS book on wayfinding for hospitals. Colette continues to have research and design work published in many international journals and books (see Publications link below).

Colette is Board Member and a Trustee of the Royal Institute of Navigation and is a Director and co-Chair of the Sign Design Society, two international professional organisations representing people involved in all aspects of navigation and wayfinding. For both organisations, Colette is a Higher Education lead and is actively involved in supporting students and graduates to get involved in the wayfinding and navigation industries.

Current Activity