Centre for Towns Research

We work with communities through design and research to make towns more successful, sustainable and inclusive. We believe in the power of communities to shape their towns and aim to bring people together to explore the future of their place. We advocate for the value of architecture, design and collaboration in catalysing change, shifting the narrative from preserving and conserving to re-thinking and championing our towns.

Centre for Towns research project


Research background

A fifth of the population of Europe lives in small towns of under 50,000 people, while beyond the major metropolitan areas this figure is closer to a third. From medieval market towns to industrial manufacturing centres, busting high streets to coastal villages, no two are the same and their variety is one of their strengths.

However, their fortunes vary dramatically; while some have experienced growth and prosperity, others have stagnated or atrophied following decline in industry and the rural economy and dramatic changes to the retail landscape. In order to survive and thrive, change is inevitable.

Working in partnership with industry and public sector partners, we explore the power of design skills in creating thriving and resilient smaller communities across the UK and beyond. The project explores the value of architecture and design in supporting and catalysing change.

It includes practical action-based research and includes work across different scales: the development of a toolkit for community groups to explore their place, future visions, artist residencies, co-design and the publication of a book for RIBA Publishing.

We have worked with community groups, charities, decision makers, schools and councils, including:

Brecon Beacons NPA, Cultural Action Llandudno, CoLab Dudley, Conwy County Borough Council, Design Commission for Wales, Frome Town Council, Hands On Bristol, Ruthin Town Council, Studio Response, Southmead Development Trust, The Ardagh Community Trust and Ynysybwl Regeneration Partnership.

Project aims

  • Recognise the opportunities and challenges faced by towns in 21st century;
  • Use collaborative and community-led methods to engage communities in considering long term strategies for their place;
  • Advocate for the role of architects and designers in transforming towns within the profession, nationally and internationally.



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