Professor addresses the future of architectural education


Professor Kevin Singh will be discussing his approach to contemporise architectural education, at his inaugural lecture on Wednesday 19 March.

The talk, titled “Collaborations”, will address how the boundaries between academia and practice can be blurred, showcasing how by working closer with industry students will be better equipped for life beyond graduation in the world of practice and business.

Professor Kevin Singh, Head of the School of Architecture at Birmingham City University, said: “My mission to contemporise architectural education is tackled by exploiting the opportunities and possibilities created by an enhanced relationship between education and practice.

“My various roles and responsibilities in this sector; from student to tutor to practising architect have allowed me to be well placed to evaluate many aspects of architectural education from a 360-degree viewpoint.”

Professor Kevin Singh is the Head of the Birmingham School of Architecture at the University. A Chartered Architect since 1997, he is also a graduate of the University’s School of Architecture. His teaching career began as a Visiting Tutor, progressing to Director of Studies in the School of Interior Design. In 2003 he re-joined the School of Architecture as Programme Director for the postgraduate course, a position which he held until April 2011 when he was appointed as Head of School. He was conferred as a Professor of Architecture in February 2013 following an application under the criterion of Learning and Teaching and Academic Leadership.

The inaugural lecture will take place on Wednesday 19 March, 5.30pm, in the Lecture Theatre at The Parkside Building.

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